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Cheryl's 10day MenoMocktail Diary

Hi Meg,


Hope you are well.


I wanted to share my thoughts on taking the Kookoo menopause MenoMocktail.


I am a 54-year-old female (obviously), I am not able to take hormones due to a hereditary blood clotting disorder. I am also a breast cancer survivor and try to avoid medication as best as I can.


I have tried sage oil, over the counter herbal menopause meds but nothing helps… I am tired and brainless, my skin is old and saggy, hair dry and brittle, I feel low, and I have no libido (yes, a little too much information but it is true). I also work in business development and must look presentable and be bubbly


So, imagine my excitement when my sister Charon suggested I get in touch and get hold of your product. So heregoes (finally after that long story).


  • Day 1 – Felt more hydrated after taking the menomocktail, I added 350ml of water… peed a lot during the day but whether all in the mind I felt good.

  • Day 2 – Had an early morning call, drank cocktail on empty stomach, felt nauseas most of the morning until lunch time. Still full of beans. Good night’s sleep.

  • Day 3 – Had breakfast, then cocktail. Another day of work for me, but I felt good. Took extra care with doing my hair and dressing. Spirits were improving.

  • Day 4 – Same again breakfast and menomocktail, with all the water, dashed off to Pilates. Got home, even squeezed in some sexy time with my husband (not sure who was more surprised). Feeling really good.

  • Day 5 – Menomocktail and breakfast, morning gym, feeling energised and happy – husband says, I’ve not seen you have hot flushes for a few days… aha moment… must be working.

  • Day 6 – Menomocktail is now a way of life, skin is starting to feel good, trousers feel a bit loser.

  • Day 7 – Hopped onto the scale, I’ve lost ½ kg. Menomocktail and breakfast, lunch, and dinner… another aha moment, I’ve stopped snacking. When I felt yuck and a little depressed, I snacked.

  • Day 8 – Menomocktail, breakfast, I’m waking up happier… who knew. Off to pilates, comments that I am looking great, what am I doing. I have more of a glow than usual – I feel fantastic.

  • Day 9 – Menomocktail and breakfast made banana bread. Off to art studio and painted for 2 hours – Me time! Had some with tea, dinner – no sweeties or biscuits. Don’t need the continuous sugar kick to wake me up. Happiness is…

  • Day 10 – Hopped onto the scale, I’ve lost 1kg… What the hell moment!

So that is me over ten days. I feel really good, hot flushes are a lot less… only in bed at night but not a lot. I don’t crave sugar; more energy has made me get outside more. I managed to do a Tesco shop, and not forget anything woohoo.


I realise it is early days, but for me it is a blessing! I have energy, I feel good inside and out. My brain works and I’m starting to feel a little more like the old me.


Hope this helps you and a big thank you from me for creating this product!




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