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Illustrated naked menopausal woman doing a back bend
About Meg
How it All Started

Hello lovely ladies! I'm Meg founder of Kookoo. Oh boy, my journey to get to this point has been a long one but after getting my degree in Communications I went on to study to become a professional chef. I loved being in the kitchen but realised very early on I that wasn't where I was meant to be. At the time my partner introduced me to a very scary place called "the gym" lol.  And honestly, I was hooked.  But, and this is a big but, in 2015 I went for back surgery at the very unripened age of 24. After my recovery it occurred to me just how important my health and fitness was and so I went on to pursue my specialised nutritionist and personal training qualifications, 200hr Yoga Teacher qualification, Crossfit L3 and Menopause Wellness Practitioner Certification. 


 Since then I have worked with many women going through all stages of life.

As I've gotten older I noticed I mainly started working with women over the age

of 40 and have helped many women navigate this mid-life shit show. Having had countless DMCs with loads over-sharing (as we do) and hearing all the in's and out's on what it's really like to go through this transition I found that these women were trying everything under the sun to alleviate their mood, memory and fatigue  but nothing seemed to be cutting it. So I took it upon myself to do something about it, took a quote from one of my clients "Am I going cuckoo?"

and so Kookoo was born. 

I didn't want to created a product or brand that was an all-in-one symptom solver or made you feel  like you were being wrapped up in a ball of cotton wool with an extra layer of bubble wrap and told to...brace yourselves... meditate, drink more water, eat more protein, increase your fibre, move more, eat less, eat more?, have the carbs?, don't have carbs?, "get a good night's sleep" lol, do breathe work, do cardio?, don't do cardio?, strength train 3x week, do pilates, yoga and the list goes on! I am ALL about finding a nutrition protocol , building healthy habits and finding a fitness routine that works for you but let's be realistic here it's hard enough trying to remember what f*cking day it is let

alone trying to do all these other things all at once.


Menopause is an absolute mind field. Every women's journey is individual and so your advice should be too! We are all strong, badass women who have made it this far in life and are more then capable of taking on this transition with both hands we just need a little pick-me-up from time to time to help you feel your best while getting sh*t done.

We want to challenge this
mid-life narrative

Kookoo Club

Embrace the meno-madness, join the club! Let's  laugh at the absurdity, but remember,

you’re not alone!

MenoMocktail product shot in short glass with gold spoon holding forgetful, moody & tired AF powdered supplement

We are


Illustrated naked menopausal woman dancing

A dash of profanity & sprinkle of sass

What Makes Us Different? 

Kookoo is not your average menopause brand or an all-in-one symptom solver. We are here to help the straight-talking hot-flash lasses and the midlife divas of this world survive and thrive the menopause years by creating innovative products that help alleviate specific symptoms.


Created by Meg, a nutritionist & PT  helping women navigate this midlife shit show.


Life is tough darlings, but so are you - and together we are stronger.

Sweary Mary’s 

We come seasoned with a dash of profanity and a sprinkle of sass, served with love.

Giving Back

We’re tackling the taboos surrounding women’s health and striving towards a better future for every woman.

Kookoo coral YEAH!
Our Mission
Back of illustrated naked menopausal woman with her right hand up in her underwear

Kookoo is not an all-in-one symptom solver.

Our mission is to create products that are relatable and formulated to make sure that you are getting the right amount of vitamins, minerals, nootropics and adaptogens to genuinely help alleviate YOUR symptoms. 

We want to change this mid-life shit show into a mid-life shindig. Cheers to that.

Drink Kookoo!



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