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We are an innovative female founded,

female-focused and female formulated no BS supplement brand helping awe-inspiring badass women, like you, cruise through 

this perimenopause and menopause tidal wave!

Buckle up my dear, let's ride this wave together!

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We are Kookoo. We want to change this mid-life sh*t show, together!

You've made it this far my darling and you deserve the f*cking best!

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Fed up with hush-hush menopause convos?

We're breaking taboos and getting real about all the sh*t we are experiencing, from low libdio, brain fog, fatigue to vaginal dryness, and proctalgia fugax.

Join our uncensored community and get:

  • Exclusive access to new product testing 

  • & discounts up to 30%

  • Connect with like-minded women sharing           unfiltered stories & support.

  • Finally get the midlife education you deserve from our experts.

Your symtoms matter! We want to include you in all new product development, testing and important decision making. Our aim is to create innovative, effective products that do a bloody good job at making you feel like your old self again!


"This group has been a game-changer for me!"

- Sarah J.

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